About Guruji

In the early 2000's Nariveda founder Nirmal Yogi traveled to India with his son Adrian to visit friends and family. During their journey Nirmal was told by different mystics that he would meet his Guru along the bank of the famous Narmada River. Nirmal and Adrian returned to their home in Wyoming without seeking out this mysterious man who lived somewhere along the bank of the eight hundred mile river. For the next year Nirmal went back to his life of running a successful hotel near Jackson Hole.

On a return trip to India, this time by himself, Nirmal was expecting to be gone for no longer than two weeks. After a chance encounter with a friend that all changed. His friend had a special connection to a mysterious man who lived on the bank of the Narmada River and made a phone call to connect him with Nirmal. The man agreed to meet with Nirmal at the end of the month.

Nirmal cancelled his return flight and traveled to meet Guruji at his home in central India. After hearing many cautionary tales from the locals of Guruji's resistance to visitors and refusal of visiting with anyone for more than an hour or so, Nirmal expected a short meeting with his prophetic guru. Nirmal ended up staying with and studying under Guruji for the next six months at which time Guruji instructed him to go home, but not go back to work at the hotel. Guruji told Nirmal to have faith that his life was about to dramatically change and it was all for the best.

Perplexed by the idea of not going back to work at his hotel Nirmal got onto the next flight back to the U.S. Within a week of returning home a wealthy business man made Nirmal an offer on his properties worth three times their estimated value. Perhaps the easiest transaction Nirmal ever made, he was now not only liberated from his role at the hotel, but financially liberated as well. Nirmal and son Adrian relocated to Sedona, Arizona where he continued along his spiritual path and stayed in contact with Guruji.

Guruji told Nirmal not to work for the next four years. During this time Nirmal spent most of his days in meditation and deepened his yogic practice. Eventually Guruji told him he must go out and socialize and recommended he get a part time job that allows him to interact with people in his community. Nirmal began working at a small health food store in Sedona where he met many pillars of the community.

One night Nirmal awoke unexpectedly in the middle of the night with vivid thoughts of a business he was supposed to begin. He felt as if he was in direct communication with Guruji while receiving these messages and wrote everything down on an old laptop. The next day he relayed this all to Guruji and was given the approval by him to move forward with what had been channelled to him.

Nirmal began his research and development of what is now the Nariveda line and after a year and a half of development he had his first batch of Prana Veda. He took the concoction to friends, family, spiritual seekers, and doctors with incredible results. Guruji advised Nirmal to put his complete faith in his new business and by taking that leap Nariveda is now the standard in Ayurvedic formulas.

Guruji guided Nirmal to use his background in Ayurveda and organic chemistry to bring these wellness elixirs to the world. He also gave him permission to put his image on every bottle so that the products would have his energetic blessing. That's why every serving of Nariveda's elixirs makes you feel more energized and spiritually attuned. Time tested herbs and clinically validated ingredients are just the beginning!